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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : May 07, 2015

Brands: How to ensure app engagement

By 2017 experts say more than 268 million apps will be downloaded. For consumers it means that there's an app for every possible need and more, but for developers there is the burden of standing out in the app space.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What trends are you seeing in mobile now?

Felice Gabriel, Co-Founder, Delvv: Some of the big trends we see: There are more examples of apps sharing data with one another and developers have been working to break down the barriers between apps - through APIs, deep linking and similar efforts.

As users have become more willing to block notifications from apps that abuse push notifications, some of the more egregious notification offenders have toned down their efforts.

Lots of tech companies, from the Big Guys to startups are trying to unify messaging flows and replace email, texts, and instant messaging with new, unified messaging paradigms and make "messaging" the next big thing in mobile

Kristina: According to research people are using an average of 27 apps each month, how can mobile brands ensure they are part of that number?

Felice: As people's daily lives are becoming increasingly managed by their smartphones, apps that make life easier and more fun are quickly gaining traction. Whether it's curating a customized newsfeed, connecting family around the world or offering on-demand access to food delivery, top developers know they need to make it easy and fast for customers to find exactly what they need.

Kristina: Although the download number is high, other research shows at least half of all apps are almost immediately deleted. How can a brand ensure their app will not only be download but engaged with?

Felice: First impressions really matter in the mobile space. Make sure the first 30 seconds interacting with your app is incredibly smooth and entices them to some form of commitment. If users invest effort in your app, they will think twice about hitting the uninstall button and are more likely to come back for more. Ensure a smooth onboarding experience for new users - minimize reasons for users to turn away, and reenforce your app's benefits.

More from Felice and Delvv tomorrow, including how brands can make sure they aren't overloading their customers.

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