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BizReport : May 12, 2015 Archive

May 12, 2015 Archive

Ecommerce | May 12, 2015

SMB Roundup: How SMBs are spending and new enterprise tools

Two interesting announcements have come into the small business space - a study indicating how SMBs are share information and a new enterprise toolset for etailers. >>

Advertising | May 12, 2015

Google: Are your video ads making an impression?

Player size and ad position both crucial to video ad viewability, according to a new report released by Google. >>

Trends & Ideas | May 12, 2015

Health and fitness tech provides opportunity for brands to engage, partner with consumers

Almost half of U.S. consumers favor devices that monitor their physical health, found recent research, providing brands with an opportunity to partner with consumers to help improve their mental and physical well-being. >>

Advertising | May 12, 2015

Brands: Have you lost your values?

When a company is smaller, certain habits, processes and responsibilities are understood implicitly and mirrored without needing to spell them out or enforce them. Small, tight teams witness how each teammate operates and reacts to any given situation, and then they learn from and model themselves accordingly. >>

Mobile Marketing | May 12, 2015

Benchmarks provide proof of mobile's effect on in-store sales

The much-maligned mobile banner ad has been given a boost, at least in terms of their effectiveness in driving retail sales, according to a new series of benchmarks released by 4INFO. >>

Mobile Marketing | May 12, 2015

Mobile Roundup: How people are using mobile + 2 new mobile releases

In today's mobile roundup: How consumers are using mobile devices and two new releases for the mobile space than can help brands better understand their mobile consumers. >>