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BizReport : May 4, 2015 Archive

May 4, 2015 Archive

Mobile Marketing | May 04, 2015

Less than 1 in 10 hotel reservations made via mobile in 2014

While mobile is fast becoming integrated into many aspects of day to day life and commerce, it is not yet significantly changing the way Americans book accommodation, according to new research. >>

Mobile Marketing | May 04, 2015

Millennials want convenient, functional and relevant mobile app experience

How Millennials view a company and its products can be significantly influenced by the app experience it provides, according to a new report from Oracle. >>

Research | May 04, 2015

Travel Forecast: European Vacations Coming

It isn't just the title of a Chevy Chase movie any longer. According to a new survey from Sojern European Vacation is on the minds of summer travelers this year. Their new report is based on trends observed through Q1 2015 and points to a weakened Euro leading more travel-minded consumers to think about a European vacation this year. >>

Advertising | May 04, 2015

Top 3 tips to better engage Hispanic consumers

Cinco de Mayo is just a day away, but for brands to truly engage Hispanic consumers requires more than a flyer or banner announcing the day. One expert offers his top 3 tips for brands to better engage this population. >>

Mobile Marketing | May 04, 2015

YouTube announced 80% YoY mobile growth

According to YouTube's CEO the video behemoth is now reaching more younger demographics than any other television network anywhere, ever - and that is just on mobile. >>