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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : April 02, 2015

10% of top UK brands advertising on mobile without mobile-optimized sites

Among the UK's top 250 advertisers, mobile is now a top priority. However, many continue to advertise on mobile without providing mobile optimized sites.

by Helen Leggatt

iab_logo.gifIn its seventh mobile audit, the IAB looked at the UK's top 250 advertisers to analyze the uptake of mobile and the top performing sectors. Overall, nearly 70% are optimizing their paid search for mobile and in the past year three-quarters ran a mobile display campaign.

The research also revealed that over half now have both a mobile app and a mobile site, but that a number still have no mobile presence at all. Within the FMCG sector, nearly 1 in 10 had no mobile presence, nor did 7% of travel and retail advertisers, 6% of social and political organisations and 5% of tech and telco brands.

However, while more than 80% of the top 250 brand advertisers in the UK have a mobile optimized site, 10% were found to be running mobile display campaigns without one.

"The audit shows that brands are finally putting mobile as a top priority, which is great to see. There are still some gaps though, especially when you consider that brands are spending their budgets on mobile advertising, however their shop fronts still aren't optimized for mobile," said Mike Reynolds, IAB's Senior Mobile Executive.

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  • Jerry Segers

    I think Google is making things worse. By focusing on forcing companies to quickly implement mobile sties Google is causing the creation of junk sites with minimal content with no way to return to the full site. I prefer to have the entire function available to my mobile unit rather than be forced to use some crippled "mobile" site. Many of the sties I use regularly now effectively block access from my mobile devise. Yes full pages are hard to use on a small phone, but at least you can get to the site content and what about those of us who have a large screen mobile we could use the regular site until Google showed up with their mandate to get mobile or else. What Google has done is effectively block access to information. Booooo on Google. What happened to your motto of "Don't Be Evil."

  • Aaron Mahl

    I think the Google algorithm change later this month is going to penalize a lot of these sites that haven't molded toward mobile yet. Also helping to spur more attention toward mobile should be the fact that a lot of mobile ad networks are thinking beyond in app ads and focusing on solutions for the mobile web, like Abstract Banners from Airpush, which aren't just limited to iOS and Android. All of these factors combined, plus the growing consumer appetite for mobile-optimized websites, will force these holdouts to convert to mobile quickly or face some pretty harsh consequences in the form of search engine obscurity to consumers picking businesses that value mobile.



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