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BizReport : April 9, 2015 Archive

April 9, 2015 Archive

Ecommerce | April 09, 2015

User-generated reviews powerful conversion driver

Consumers in the UK will be spending more online in 2015 than ever before and, with increased online shopping comes increased talk about what they bought. Such conversations are a goldmine for retailers who can use them to enhance both websites and business. >>

Research | April 09, 2015

Direct mail condition reporting service launched

First impressions count. Just as slow-loading websites can greatly damage the user experience, creased, torn or incomplete direct mail can also determine if your communications are read or binned. >>

Research | April 09, 2015

Two-thirds of game revenues generated by 0.23% of players

A minute number of players account for nearly two-thirds of all free-to-play mobile game revenues, according to new research released by mobile marketing automation company Swrve. >>

Advertising | April 09, 2015

Ad Roundup: Event and content management

In today's roundup: new releases to help brands better manage and monetize their content and events in the online space, and some new data surrounding app costs. >>

Mobile Marketing | April 09, 2015

Top 5 tips to engage via branded apps

Branded apps are one way businesses can stay in touch with their shoppers, but maintaining engagement through those apps can be hard. Here are our top five tips. >>

Ecommerce | April 09, 2015

Study: Men shopping more than women online

When it comes to shopping, mobiles are quickly taking over, but not just for buying. According to new data out from Bronto Software more consumers are turning to mobiles to enhance their overall experience. And, yes, many are choosing to buy products from mobile devices, too. >>