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BizReport : Research archives : March 09, 2015

Top 4 ways to improve sales this year

2015 is fully under way. Campaign strategies are in place and plans are already being made to capitalize on two of the biggest sales seasons of each year: back to school and the holidays. Brainshark is offering their top 4 tips to increase sales this year.

by Kristina Knight

First, address the room. It can be easy for sales people entering a room to focus on the head of a committee. That, of course, leaves the other people in the room at a loss and feeling unconnected.

"You don't know what factors will influence the final decision. The best reps make sure to circle back with everyone - either during or post-meetings - to convey how their solution will address each person's needs," writes Brainshark. While you're addressing the room, they advise, "It is basic advice that's often ignored. Unless you have a photographic memory, you won't remember what was said by whom if you didn't document it. Take the time to write down the important details from your conversations with prospects. The ability to recall those details puts you at a distinct advantage throughout every phase of the sales cycle."

Second, set daily goals that you can reach. Yes, goals are supposed to be aspirational, and that is okay - as a yearly or 5-year plan. But there should also be achievable daily goals so that sales people can manage the incredible highs and lows that go with selling.

Third, know where the meeting is going and think about the next step.

"Every conversation or interaction must end with an action. Without that, it's all too easy for the customer or prospect to "go silent." Top reps always get a commitment on next steps in order to keep the conversation going and move the opportunity forward," write the experts with Brainshark.

Fourth, leave the ego at the door. Be humble, look at what the company needs and not just what your goal is. Follow that up with following through on what is said during the meeting.

"Another basic tenet that sets top reps apart: if you say you're going to provide information or look into something, make sure you do it. Your customers and prospects have access to almost everything you do via the Internet, so make sure you not only follow through, but that you respond quickly - or they will find someone else to work with. This is a key part of adding value and establishing a positive rapport," writes Brainshark.

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