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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : February 19, 2015

Study: Most shoppers spend more with personalization

New data for the online space: personalization is paying off. According to new data out from MyBuys about half of shoppers are influence to spend more with retailers who personalize emails and other offers for them.

by Kristina Knight

Personalization has gone from simply adding a recipients name to an email to basing content for campaigns from email to mobile on past browsing history, purchases and other behavioral cues. And that personalization is paying off. That is the word from MyBuys who, in a new study, found about 53% of shoppers spend more with retailers who recommend products based on past browsing or buying behaviors.

"Consumers want consistent personalization everywhere they shop and on every device they use," said Rita Brogley, president and CEO of MyBuys. "By incorporating more tailored content and offers into their marketing strategies, retailers can improve brand loyalty, boost conversion and increase sales. Consumers engage and shop more when they receive a truly personalized shopping experience across all channels. When done right, customers consider personalization a valuable service rather than an annoyance."

Some other interesting findings from the study include:

• 52% of shoppers spend more when online ads are based on shopping behaviors
• 48% spend more based on email personalization
• 39% 'are frustrated' when retailers don't personalize website recommendations
• 38% are frustrated with unpersonalized email messaging

About one-third (37%) also say they don't like it when past purchases aren't taken into account by retailers.

Researchers also found that most (74%) of shoppers are using smartphones for product research and one-third are have now made purchases on a smartphone.

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    This article is all fluff and circumstance and the report is full of just standard industry numbers - that you can find anywhere - with near to nothing of Monetate's actual results. There is no meaningful insight in it whatsoever. Nothing that would help an e-retailer. Even the Cart Abandonment Rate portion of the report, which is supposed to be the focus of the article, was only 8 sentences, and of that, 5 were completely unnecessary. This article is misleading to the point that I begin to wonder if the person who wrote the article actually read and understood the report. Comparing an unspecified number of 'top performers' is fluffy and smells of marketing, not meaningful findings. In fact the only way to get the report is to hand Monetate your email address and company name. A better headline for this article would be: "Monetate: Cart Abandons Down 20% For a Select Few of Unspecified Sources When We Compare Them To The Overall Industry".



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