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BizReport : Advertising archives : February 20, 2015

How M&A will influence advertisers in 2015

The online space is quickly changing from a place consumers go to find specific information about products or brands to a place they go to keep up with friends, do some shopping and read the latest headlines. This changing environment is also opening new opportunities for advertisers and brands.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: How is social influencing how brands are using the digital space?

Diaz Nesamoney, CEO, Jivox: The digital advertising marketplace is also highly motivated to tap into social media as a way to take the pulse of their audience in real-time and then respond with brand and product messages that are purposeful, entertaining and timely from the consumers perspective. Where before the creative concept and general message formed the centerpiece of an ad campaign, now the consumer is at the center in a unique and powerful way. Powerful technology that has emerged in the last few years have created a brand new capacity to crunch vast amounts of 1st and 3rd party source data and use it to automate the production and dynamic serving of creative assets.

Kristina: What about targeting - how are targeting methods changing?

Diaz: Perhaps one of the most exciting things is that we now have the capability to dynamically serve ads based on environmental data - date, time, location, weather, and consumer device for example. Armed with all this data, and using technology designed for this purpose, brands can then automate which creative assets are served to each individual user. Working with the Jivox IQ Ad Platform, for example, Mercedes could upload images and text into the Content Management System and the Data Engine would then match those assets on the fly to the desired customer segment, delivering personalized data-driven content on whatever screen the consumer happened to be using. Starbucks is another simple but powerful example: based on weather data Starbucks can easily serve one consumer an ad viewable on an iPhone for an iced coffee on a sunny day while another consumer will receive an ad on their iPad for a latte to warm them up in snowy weather. To accomplish this level of personalization brands, and the media and creative agencies that support them, have to deploy next-generation ad platform technology - specifically a Content Management System that works in tandem with a scalable Data Engine - that can match environmental data to consumer demographics on the fly. Brands are going to reach this level of personalization with old technology, or by hand-coding enough permutations of their creative assets to reach their targeted audiences.

Kristina: Why this will be the year of M&A in advertising and analytics

Diaz: Ad tech players have proliferated in recent years, slicing up the market space with niche products and solutions, which is fairly typical as the market settles in on where the real opportunities lie. So, for example, the last few years have seen an increase in companies offering native, or video, or analytics, and it has been up to the creative and media agencies to figure out how to create effective campaigns for their brand-name customers that integrated digital and mobile channels with more traditional ones - TV for example.

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