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BizReport : Advertising : January 09, 2015

Expert: Top 3 trends for the API space

A lot of experts are chiming in on what we can expect from ecommerce, advertising, you name it. Here's one more: what to watch for in the API space. After a strong 2014, one expert shares his trends to watch for 2015:

by Kristina Knight

First look for automated code generators and SDKs to come around.

"Love or hate SDKs, automation of integration and code generation have now reached the point where resulting code can be genuinely useful. As such, we expect code generation with descriptions such as Swagger or 3rd party tools such as APIMatic and RestUnited to help more APIs do what leading APIs do and add code for developers to get started more quickly," said Steve Willmott, CEO, 3Scale.

Second, look for more from API search and discovery.

"As the number of APIs increases, it has become hard to find what's out there - directories and search will become increasingly important. While in many cases people need to answer the question "does company X have an API", it's also becoming more important to find all the components of the API - where can I sign up? do they have machine readable descriptions? pricing? We're hoping for more use of machine readable meta-data formats like APIs.JSON (or any alternatives) to publicize APIs and strong growth for API discovery services like ProgrammableWeb, Mashape, APIs.IO or new ones which come along," said Willmott.

Finally, look for better access and security.

"APIs are becoming a means to unify content and functionality delivery across devices. It will become more critical to think carefully about user and app identity in order to both create great experiences and to safeguard security / privacy. Efforts like UMA will be interesting to watch. oAuth adoption will grow but it will remain challenging for organizations to create unified user / identity management across devices," said Willmott. "The API programs and policies of the major Internet Companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and others will remain in the spotlight from a data autonomy, privacy and access perspective. We expect movements to continue to try to create decentralized, indie-web style solutions that separate out data and functionality from silos but it's hard to predict how large players will open up in response."

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