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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : January 05, 2015

Cloud trends to watch in 2015

It's the first week in January, do you have a business plan in place? One expert is identifying trends to watch, in the cloud space, that could make 2015 a banner year for brands.

by Kristina Knight

First, encryption. There were several data breaches in 2014, and each one made consumers and business owners cringe. This will lead more brands to be hyper-aware of their own security and that of their customers.

"With big names such as JP Morgan, Michael's and Home Depot experiencing data breaches during 2014, companies of all sizes are bringing security to the top of their 2015 planning. Knowing that data breaches come with hefty financial implications and can hurt a company's image overnight, businesses will go the extra mile to protect sensitive data. Security will be a top influencer for businesses when choosing a cloud provider and cloud providers will work to make their security and compliance procedures even more transparent. We foresee data and recording encryption emphasized at a greater level than what has been done to date," said Matt Lautz, CIO, Corvisa Cloud.

Second, hybrid solutions. According to Lautz more businesses will look for hybrid solutions that can be customized to fit their exact needs.

Third, more investment in employees and agents.

"2014 was the year of customer success. For 2015, we predict companies investing more in their employees and agents. After all, your employees are the foundation of customer success. Proper training and boosting employee morale will be key for any business that wants to stay competitive. Integrated contact center tools such as gamification and workflow automation tools will be just a few of the ways contact centers will help agents improve performance and boost confidence. 80% of consumers said their phone interaction with a customer service agent feels scripted and robotic. We see more businesses adopting these new cloud tools to humanize their customer experience and break away from older tools that force agents to read call scripts word for word," said Lautz.

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