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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : December 03, 2014

The devices shoppers will and won't use to purchase

As we move into the busiest part of the 2014 holiday season, many retailers are focusing on sales to drive purchasing. One expert, though, believes retailers need to focus more on experience.

by Kristina Knight

While we've been told for more than a year that experience is key for retailers in the online space, many retailers continue to fall short of the experience line most consumers are looking form. According to one expert most retailers aren't creating an online 'experience' at all, and that is building a barrier between them and their customers.

"[Retailers] need to look into making a more engaging ECommerce experience that allows consumers to find what they are looking for quickly and not get fatigued by searching and hunting the hidden digital aisles online," said Kurt Heinemann, CMO, Reflektion. "For example, when you visit a store, you can very quickly sort through everything you want by visually scanning merchandise displayed in front of you. In contrast, most products online are hidden a hundred pages deep. Those who can merchandise their eCommerce experience in a way that more closely resembles shopping, will see marked increases in conversion rates and revenue."

Heinemann says the first 'job' for retailers who want to improve in the new year is to enhance the online experience - creating an engaging, one-to-one experience through which customers can engage and buy. And, while making that experience, retailers should ensure the experience goes across screens to mobile devices.

"The industry will be surprised by how many purchases are done on smartphones during this season. Consumers who know exactly what they want to buy, will do so from their smartphones. It's a utility driven purchase event. Right now, consumers have high intent, they know what they want, so they are going to accomplish whatever they can when they have a free moment so they can check that box," said Heinemann. "This is a season of high intentional buying, not shopping. Consumers practically ask one another "what do you want?" Instead of finding that perfect gift by wandering through a store, they will say "size 11 shoe. boom. Get it. Out." It's a simple and highly efficient transactional operation. It's important to note that simplicity and efficiency in eCommerce is only meeting people's most basic expectations. When looking back on the 2014 holiday season, retailers should realize that while revenue may have been good, it very well could have been much been better had shopping been supported."

More from Heinemann later this week, including how retailers can create a solid multi-screen/multi-device environment.

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