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BizReport : December 1, 2014 Archive

December 1, 2014 Archive

Trends & Ideas | December 01, 2014

Grocery shoppers have complex reasons behind buying behavior

Research into the behavior of Europe's grocery shoppers reveals that it's not all about cost and that while price-cutting is seen as a quick fix in reality this sways only a minority of shoppers. >>

Social Marketing | December 01, 2014

Report reveals which magazine media brands attract the most social attention

In research aimed at investigating consumer demand for magazine brands across multiple platforms, non-profit trade association The Association of Magazine Media, found that magazine media brands currently attract the most Followers and Likes on Facebook. >>

Social Marketing | December 01, 2014

Sharing via 'dark social' outstrips all social channels combined by three-to-one

Just how much online sharing activity takes place via 'Dark Social' channels? A significant amount, according to new research from RadiumOne. So much so that marketers need to pay attention to such behavior to get a better insight into their total audiences. >>

Ecommerce | December 01, 2014

Ecomm Roundup: Black Friday trumps Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Weekend has gotten the 2014 holiday season off with a bang according to several reports. Custora's E-Commerce Pulse found strong shopping on Thanksgiving Day; their data shows a 20% increase in shopping on Thanksgiving Day (2013 vs. 2014). Mobile shopping made up about one-third of Thanksgiving Day shopping. Most mobile shoppers (80%) converted from Apple devices. >>

Ecommerce | December 01, 2014

Survey: Most would give something up to get discounts

Discounts are important to consumers, and that isn't new to retailers. But one new study indicates people are now so interested in discounts that they would give something else up - for up to a month - to get a discount. >>

Mobile Marketing | December 01, 2014

Survey: People want mobile pay options, worry about data breaches

Although a majority of consumers in a recent survey report an interest in mobile pay, most are approaching mobile payment options tentatively. According to new data out from Retale more than half (56%) say they'd like to use mobile payment options over the 2014 holiday season but about one-quarter (28%) say they're worried about privacy/data breaches. >>