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BizReport : Internet : November 26, 2014

Expert: Why marketers should watch augmented reality

If the past 10 years have marked the "Age of the Superphone," what will be the next wave in consumers, content, and devices? One expert suggests Google's recent $542 million investment in stealthy company, Magic Leap, signals the maturity of the field of Augmented Reality (AR), which could be a game-changer for brands.

by Kristina Knight

"Although Augmented Reality has been appropriated in recent years to describe the parlor trick of overlaying text and graphics on video streaming from iPhone's camera, the promise of true AR is far more ambitious and more transformative," said John Sangiovanni, Co-Founder and Vice President, Product Design, Zumobi. "The dream of AR is the ability to overlay digital objects directly into a user's visual field-of-view via wearable stereoscopic glasses."

In that real-digital-world environment, Sangiovanni says, could like a next-next-next-generation Google Glass. This would appear identical to conventional eyeglasses, yet render digital objects directly into the user's field of view - potentially in a way that makes the 'projected' objects and the actual objects indistinguishable to the user.

"While there are clear apprehensions about applications of AR, many see it to be the next technology with the potential to render our beloved superphones obsolete. In a future that offers commodity AR hardware from Apple, Google, and others, brands will once again have to reimagine the optimal touch point with their audience, and agencies will be forced to think deeply and creatively about ways to present relevant content to their audience in a new, respectful, and useful manner," said Sangiovanni.

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