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BizReport : November 10, 2014 Archive

November 10, 2014 Archive

Mobile Marketing | November 10, 2014

Mobile's significant role in the purchase journey means mobile optimization is key

With 4 in 5 British smartphone owners browsing the Internet on a mobile device everyday, and many using those devices in the purchase journey, brands must ensure that their websites are optimized for mobile or risk frustrating potential customers. >>

Advertising | November 10, 2014

Financial services industry failing to embrace creative cultural change

A new study, from global digital agency Dog, and conducted by 72Point, lays bare "some of the major issues affecting the financial services sector", of which a lack of conviction that the financial services industry is a creative industry is perhaps the most worrying. >>

Advertising | November 10, 2014

How to turn data into intelligence

Until recently, consumer profiles that marketers target have been limited because data wasn't being synched globally, or not all the data was being captured. The more data that ad tech professionals can gather, the better and more sophisticated the targeting algorithms will be. And the more sophisticated the application data can be, the more specific the ad can get to particular users, driving more value for advertisers. >>

Ecommerce | November 10, 2014

Report: More mobiles to use devices for holiday shopping

Retailers might notice a burst of traffic to their stores from mobile devices over the holiday season. That according to a new study out from Retale, which indicates about three-quarters of mobile consumers will use their devices to shop over the holiday season, with 60% using mobiles both in and out of stores. >>

Ecommerce | November 10, 2014

Reports: SMBs optimistic, looking to search to connect

US veterans are leading the charge into microbusiness territory. That is the takeaway from a new poll out from Sam's Club and Gallup. According to the numbers about 20% of microbusinesses (5 to 15 employees) are owned by veterans and about one-third (34%) of those are making at least $100,000 per year. >>