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BizReport : Advertising archives : October 20, 2014

Brands: Why you need to connect social and cross-platform marketing objectives

For the consumer, well-targeted ads can provide opportunities for discounts, promotions, gift ideas and new inspiration for things like travel destinations. Inaccurate data coming from their usage patterns often leads to ads that contradict, fail to reflect past purchase behaviors and misread their tastes and interests.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: How does connecting cross-device and social marketing efforts create a better customer experience?

Eric Bader, CMO, RadiumOne: Connecting the cross-platform and social dots creates both valuable and reliable data for marketers and a good experiences for customers. Customer usage data from multiple channels that is generated and tracked separately causes redundancy and overlap and wastes marketers' money. Brands don't know accurately if they're reaching the same customer repeatedly as they migrate between devices, screens and platforms unless the data is normalized across all of them, creating a reliable pattern that can be used for marketing by day-part, location and context.

Kristina: Could you offer an example of how this happens?

Eric: For example, if a person browses an ecommerce site on a tablet, but buys from the same ecommerce site on a desktop and takes no action with the ecommerce site from a smartphone, a marketer with a siloed approach will see this person as three different people. The person will look like a customer from their desktop, like a visitor from their tablet and like a new user on their smartphone. The problem is compounded when another member of a household uses the same device and consumes content or makes a purchase that's outside of the main target consumer's interests - researching and buying tickets to a metal concert from the browser of jazz fan.

Kristina: Is there a targeting option - behavioral, contextual, etc. - that will help brands better manage cross-device campaigns?

Eric: Brands shouldn't focus on one specific targeting option; rather they should develop various audience profiles, based on a multitude of traits and tendencies, to effectively reach current and new consumers with relevant and timely messaging. There will always be several varying types of consumers a brand want to reach. This is where the data collection becomes so valuable. By gathering data from numerous sources you are developing much richer profiles; thereby reaching high-value consumers that you may have never messaged prior. But overall, we believe that behavioral data, when collected using reliable methods, is always superior to targeting by content and demographics alone.

More from Eric and RadiumOne later this week including his tips on created a better cross platform strategy.

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