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BizReport : Advertising archives : September 05, 2014

Top 3 tips to improve digital engagement

A strong presence as part of the message and tone of a digital campaign has always been important for brands; the key is to have that presence without being directly in the consumer's face. Whether the iPhone makes a few short cameos as part of the everyday life of families, or the Nike sneakers worn by a marathon runner simply appear at the close of TV spot, ads in North America are dominated by the brand and the brand's story.

by Kristina Knight

How can brands create a stronger presence while still giving the consumer space? One expert offers his top 3 tips.

First, get personal.

"You remember those old "The army wants you" ads? Well, think what effect these ads would have had on the draft percentage, if it said "The army wants you, John" when he passed by. And what would have happened if it also said, "Because you're six feet and six inches tall, you are the perfect height to be a pilot." Personalization and real-time relevance are the most important elements for high engagement, and also for the best possible advertising experience for a consumer. By delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time, marketers are able to truly speak one-on-one with a consumer and highlight the unique and emotional selling points that matter most, whether it is cost and features in Europe, or brand lifestyle in North America," said Elad Ben-David, Creative Director, SundaySky.

Second, get data.

"Brands today that are leveraging their first-party customer data - both on-site historical and offsite behavioral - are in a prime spot to use said data to deliver updated creative and content that best connects with the consumer. Data-driven creative can be used across regions to pull in the most relevant assets, products and information for varying consumer cultures," said Ben-David.

Third, get story.

"While American advertisers are bringing storytelling back into the marketing mix, there is much more opportunity here for engaging ad programs and campaigns. The color of your passport doesn't change the simple fact that every person in the world doesn't want to feel like a part of a crowd," said Ben-David.

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