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BizReport : Blogs & Content : September 19, 2014

Brands: Why content needs better optimization

Over the next few months the BrightEdge Community Edition is launch globally, it's currently available to about 2 million brands; some early results from the platform include the finding that organic search is driving about 51% of traffic across industries. I had the chance to chat with Jim Yu about the platform and what it means for the online space.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: Can you share some early results from the BrightEdge Community Edition?

Jim Yu, Founder, BrightEdge: The Community Edition is already providing marketers with insights they need to make informed decisions and create more impactful content. By taking our most powerful technology and putting it in the hands of the content marketing community, we're helping all marketers move beyond inefficient trial-and-error practices. When it comes to performance, content that is measurable and delivers quantifiable business results -- like revenue and ROI -- is what matters. Insights from the to-go versions of our powerful Data Cube and Content Optimizer technology will give marketers intelligent insights into the performance of their content (not to mention their competitor's content), and provide them with individualized performance-enhancing recommendations.

Kristina: Everyone is talking content lately -- from mobile optimized to hyper personalized. What, in your opinion, is the most important aspect of a content marketing strategy?

Jim: Today, I think that the biggest challenge confronting marketers is how to target demand, optimize content, and measure results to draw the connection between content and business impact. If you're not taking advantage of the readily available data -- demand, social, mobile, rich media, and more -- that details your content's performance, then quite simply, you're not in the game. In order to stay competitive in an oversaturated market, moving forward we'll see a heavier emphasis placed on measuring and understand what type of content is successful and how it connects back to business impact. In other words, it's all about first figuring out what content is effective, and then getting your content to stand out among all the content-noise that's currently out there in the market. We'll see the companies that swiftly adopt a performance-first mindset will quickly rise above those that don't.

Kristina: Once a brand is within a content campaign, what are the challenges of measuring content based strategies versus more traditional ad campaigns?

Jim: Compared to measuring traditional forms of paid media and advertising, measuring content can be tricky. This is primarily because of how varied content is and the many forms in which it appears (text or traditional, social, rich media, etc) and channels on which it is delivered. Measuring content is relatively new compared to measuring more traditional forms of engagement like advertising. In many ways, marketers are still figuring out how this new world of content works and how it impacts business. As content marketing matures, measurement will not only get easier but will become essential.

More with Jim next week, including his top 3 tips for better content optimization.

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