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BizReport : Internet : August 13, 2014

Vdopia moves underline importance of new tech

This week mobile video ad leader Vdopia is shaking things up - the company is naming a new CEO, CTO and President - all moves which the company says will strengthen their position in the marketplace.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: The three co-founders of Vdopia all have new titles and responsibilities. What is behind the reorganization?

Saurabh Bhatia, Co-Founder and CEO: Vdopia has enjoyed good success over the last few years under the leadership of Srikanth Kakani, as the CEO. Srikanth, being a technology leader, recently expressed desire to spend more of his efforts in strengthening and building new technology products. The company until recently did not have the CTO position and Srikanth was essentially holding dual responsibilities. As Vdopia positions itself for the next phase of growth including new & advanced product developments, we realized that Srikanth's focused direction & strategy would accelerate the scaling of new products and establish more robust technology offerings.

Kristina: Vdopia has made numerous hires around the world in recent months. Is the U.S. your most important market? Is the U.S. ahead or behind the other global regions you serve in terms of mobile marketing?

Saurabh: Yes, we have made hires across the world to strengthen our position in some key markets outside US. Having said that, the U.S. is by far the most important market for Vdopia as the mobile advertising market is much larger when compared to most of the other key markets. APAC & EU are growing fast and that is why we want to tap these markets early and stay ahead of the curve.

Kristina: What makes Vdopia's mobile video offering any different from the others in the market?

Saurabh: The key differentiator is Vdopia's patented published .vdo platform. It auto-plays video ads across different devices/OS with a single implementation; it enables quick and easy monetization solution for publishers and app developers and it helps advertisers use the power of video at scale across mobile web and apps. Also it uniquely serves video ads within traditional banner real-estate keeping users on the page without annoying distractions; and increasing video reach and measurability.

Kristina: How do you see the market for mobile video advertising unfolding in the U.S.? Who are the winners and losers a year or five years from now?

Saurabh: From my perspective market for video advertising is about to explode. Per eMarketer, 2014 mobile video advertising is expected to grow by 300% over the next 4 years. In addition there is major movement happening in terms of programmatic buying and selling of mobile video advertising. For the first time, CMOs, can measure TV and mobile video advertising with one currency: Cross Screen Measurement. This transparency will also lead to increase market share for mobile video advertising. The winners will be the companies that embrace programmatic, transparency & understanding of brands objectives. We expect to be one of them.

Kristina: A number of companies have made acquisition in the mobile marketing space. Who would be a good match for Vdopia?

Saurabh: Well, Vdopia is in a unique position in the mobile video advertising space, since arguably, we are the only global player and one of the handful of independent companies operating in this space .With great hires and excellent technology we are positioned to capitalize on the next wave of growth in the sector. Vdopia is the right match for anyone that wants to leverage mobile video advertising space globally and wants to add a programmatic stack for the future. With that said, we are looking to expand our presence in different markets across the globe and grow the organization organically.

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