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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : August 15, 2014

Top 3 tips to create more engaging video content

Viral videos like Weird Al's 'Tacky' all share the same common traits - originality, humor (often off-beat), and references to popular culture. These elements, when combined in simple and digestible formats, evoke an emotional response from consumers that drives them to action. The action is to share the content within their social graphs, thereby contributing to the video's virality.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What can brands new to the video space take away from the interest in clips like those from Weird Al?

Chris Mahl, President, JW Player: The massive scale that the "Tacky" video accomplished shows that independent video content publishing, particularly the "viral video" phenomenon, without YouTube is possible, and enables publishers to take more ownership over their users experience. Using a third-party video technology like JW Player allows brands moving into the content space to create a seamless user experience that is customized and consistent with the brand, not the video technology provider (unlike the case with YouTube, where videos and user experience are branded and controlled by YouTube).

Kristina: Why should brands consider publishing outside the YouTube infrastructure?

Chris: There are three key technological benefits to publishing off of YouTube:
• High Dynamic Range Scaling--Video image is higher quality, ensures better viewing experience on JW Player's platform
• Low-Latency, Fast start--JW Player's platform ensures that videos start playing faster, keeping viewers engaged and on your site
• Massive Open Video Ecosystem Infrastructure(MOVE)--Users can customize the look and feel of the Player so that they can control their own user experience

Kristina: What are your top 3 tips for retailers or brands in creating engaging video content?

Chris: 1. Originality speaks for itself, create some art!

2. Showcase your unique point of view while being aware of your target audience. Producing content that has a point of view is the foundation to creating viral content. Take into account the demographics of your target audience to find a way to best communicate your point of view and increase the virality of your content.

3. Evoke an emotional response. An emotional response drives action, whether it's expressed in the form of viewer comments or social shares. The stronger the emotional response, the more likely your content is to go viral.

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