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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : August 27, 2014

Study reveals impact of mobile use on Japanese students' grades

A survey by the Japanese government has shed some light on the effect of extended mobile use on children's school test results.

by Helen Leggatt

In their survey of third grade students in junior high school in Japan (14-15-year-olds) and those in their last year of elementary school (age 11), the Japanese education ministry has concluded that school test performance is significantly lower among those who spend four hours or more a day on their mobile phone.

Over 10% of the high school students were found to use their mobile device for at least four hours each day. Their grade scores were found to suffer to the tune of an average 14 percentage points across all subjects. The highest deficit was in mathematics where it rose to 18 percentage points.

Among 14-15-year-olds, nearly half said they spend at least an hour daily on their mobile device playing games, sending emails and browsing the mobile Internet. Less than a quarter in this age group did not own a mobile phone.

Among 11-year-olds, sixth graders at elementary school, 54% were found to own a mobile phone and 15% spend at least one hour using it every day.

Kazuo Takeuchi, who has studied the way youngsters use mobiles, warned that rules needed to be put in place immediately to prevent youngsters' proclivity for mobile phones negatively impacting on their education.

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