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BizReport : Email Marketing : August 26, 2014

How to improve worker productivity

Productivity is always high on the list of things bosses would like to improve - from the amount of time it takes to finalize an ad campaign to the amount of time it takes managers to fill in quarterly spreadsheets. One of the biggest productivity concerns centers around email - how to use it better and how to keep it from impeding the workday.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What kinds of issues do businesses face because of email, from a productivity standpoint?

Dave Baggett, CEO, Inky: Since its debut, email has greatly reduced a lot of administration support tasks, paperwork and memos. The bad news is that now people are often expected to reply quickly to emails, and, mainly, the volume of emails has grown. Email interruptions cause employees to transition away from what they are working on and lose their concentration and focus.

Kristina: How can businesses better manage their workers' time so that productivity doesn't suffer?

Dave: Businesses can be clear about the priority of an email - high importance, low importance, and whether a follow up is needed. Companies should communicate with employees when deciding an appropriate response time for customer-related emails.

Kristina: Should a business have a policy in place for personal email?

Dave: Absolutely. Now that employees can easily set up a free email account through Yahoo or Gmail, and read email on their mobile phones, they do not need to use their company's email to handle personal packages, etc. (Unlike in the early 1990's, when many people didn't have broadband at home). Businesses need to protect themselves from liabilities, violations of prohibitive content, sharing of trade secrets, etc.
If the business feels strongly about this, they should make sure that initialing the company's email policy isn't lost in a new employee's first-day paperwork deluge.

More from Dave and Inky later this week, including his top tips to improve email productivity.

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