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BizReport : Advertising : July 08, 2014

Top 2 reasons to give game ads a try

With more than 50 games on their platform, with a premium video ad network attached, RockYou is in a unique position to know what is working in the in-game ad space. In Q4 2013, the hub averaged about 300 million video impressions per month, and today that fluctuates up to around 500M for 75M monthly players. Now their CEO is sharing her thoughts on why brands should try this niche marketplace.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: Why should brands consider game advertising?

Lisa Marino, CEO, RockYou: First is engagement. As an advertiser, one of your top challenges is getting people to actually pay attention to your content, let alone engage with it. But unlike watching TV or online video, you can't passively play a game. So what we find is gaming audiences are extraordinarily more engaged than those in other mediums. In fact, it's very common for players to opt-in to to see more ads in exchange for in-game rewards. That's just something you don't see a lot elsewhere.
The second big reason is reach. Gaming is one of the world's most popular mediums, often competitive in audience size to TV and film. In RockYou's specific case, for example, ComScore reports that we often have more US uniques than Hulu. The average American plays games 23 minutes a day--and obviously there are a lot of people who play much more than that. Facebook games alone have 250M players each month. That's huge.
In short, game advertising is a holy grail for brands that want an engaged audience at scale.

Kristina: What types of brands lend themselves best to in-game advertising?

Lisa: It can work really well for most consumer brands--and not just those catering to teen boys and young adults, which we typically associate with gaming. The gaming population is very diverse. In fact, 48 percent of gamers are women, and females 18 and older represent a significantly greater number of gamers than men 18 and younger.
At RockYou, many of our games actually lean toward moms and women because we do a lot of work on Facebook. So, we get a lot of brands in the consumer goods and entertainment space--Dawn, Huggies, Bravo and CW all advertise through RockYou. We also have games like Army Attack and Zombie Lane which appeal more to young male gamers, and can direct ads tailored to that demographic too.

More tips from Lisa and RockYou on Wednesday, including her top 3 tips to create more relevant, engaging in-game ads.

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