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BizReport : Blogs & Content : July 29, 2014

How to tell if interactions are successful or not

There are two ways to think of success: a successful visit for the user and a successful visit for the company. Ideally, these two concepts should have substantial overlap. But, what if the data is unclear? How can a business tell if interactions are successful or a waste of time?

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: How can companies measure successful visitor interaction with content on their site?

Andrew Blackmore Director, Analytics & Optimization.Velir: Successful measurement of visitor interaction requires aligning the business objectives of the organization with the data being captured. For example, if your organization produces content and earns revenue on ads, tracking information such as click-throughs on related content, number of users who scroll to the bottom of the content and social sharing will be valuable as they drives impressions (and revenue in turn). If you have an eCommerce website, the obvious KPI is revenue generated via the website. However, a deeper look might show that repeat purchases paint a better picture in indicating whether your visitors successfully interacted with your content.

Kristina: Why is this measurement important to customer satisfaction?

Andrew: Measurement is vital to customer satisfaction as it allows the organization to constantly assess what it has done well and where it needs to improve. These assessments should fuel improvements, which ultimately allow the business to present its content more effectively and provide its audience with vastly enhanced experiences.

Kristina: What type of content (stats, giveaways, images, etc.) should companies share on their sites?

Andrew: There is not one specific answer here that can be applied to all content, organizations or users. Companies like Upworthy and Buzzfeed have been successful by producing consistent experiences with low variety in the form of their content. Other organizations, like the New York Times or The Brookings Institution(a Velir client), have seen success with a large breadth of content presentations and subject matter. Ultimately, the organizations that are most successful online work hard to align their content with the expectations of their audience.

More from Andrew and Velir tomorrow, including how to better measure these interactions.

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