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BizReport : Advertising : July 30, 2014

How to measure engagement to reach a deeper customer relationship

Short-form quizzes and lists have worked to generate repeat traffic for some sites but fail miserably on others; this failure isn't because the quizzes are 'more fun' from site to site. It has to do with the expectation of the visitor. Every brands' content needs to stay true to its brand values and image in order to meet expectations and generate engagement.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: How do you use content measurement to build deeper relationships with customers?

Andrew Blackmore Director, Analytics & Optimization, Velir: Organizations should have a 360-degree view of customer relationships and their interactions through all applicable channels like the website, email, phone and physical touch points. Typically, this is where CRM systems or some other central data store comes into play. It is absolutely critical that a website's Content Management System (CMS) is integrated with these other systems, as users' website interactions should help shape the outreach that builds deeper relationships.

Kristina: How should companies determine the best channel mix for customer engagement? How is this measured?

Andrew: This begins with analyzing what the company is currently doing and how it is performing. Take the example of a content-publisher who earns money based on ad impressions. If inbound users from organic search click on an average of 2.5 related articles per visit and users from Facebook average 1.1, this may be an indication to start shifting effort and dollars towards SEO instead of social media.

If the company doesn't have the data in place to make this assessment, reviewing marketing tactics used within the organization's industry may provide some ideas on where to get started. What are your successful competitors doing?

Kristina: Is there an ideal channel mix and, if so, how does a brand find it?

Andrew: Ultimately, there is no ideal channel mix and there will never be a specific channel mix that can be set and remain untouched for many years. As the web continues to evolve, marketing strategies will have to follow based on performance.

Measuring the effectiveness of your channel mix is similar to measuring other aspects of the organization, in that it is important to focus on the mission of the organization and/or the drivers of revenue. Establish KPIs and quantify your mix in relation to those KPIs. For example, we can look at a content publishing organization that makes dollars off of ad revenue and this revenue is primarily based on impressions of the ads. While analytics may not be able to measure how much the impression earned directly, they can measure the number of impressions. By segmenting those impressions by inbound source (i.e. Organic Search - Google), they will be able to identify if Google drives more impressions than Facebook.

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