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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : July 11, 2014

How to better engage in mobile

Voxel enables a mobile app to be used without being installed first. For brands, this is a powerful way of letting users engage with their app experience prior to asking them to install apps. By giving users the experience first, the engagement & conversion rates increase significantly. Voxel's CEO offers sound advice for improving the mobile experience.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What trends are you seeing in appvertising currently?

David Zhao, CEO, Voxel: As more companies and brands move to mobile, the demand for mobile users is greater than ever. The app install market continues to grow as this is one of the only ways on mobile to acquire new users.

Kristina: How is mobile creative evolving?

David: In the mobile world, static creatives is becoming a thing of the past. Both video and playable ads create much stronger engagement with end user and there's consistent correlation between the increased engagement and higher conversion. For app install ads, the playable format makes the most sense as it's the most "native" way to get a sample the product. The app is the best creative there is and playable ads make it possible to deliver that experience inside of an ad unit.

Kristina: What are the flaws in the current mobile ad process?

David: With app install ads, users have to make a decision on installing an app solely by looking at screen shots. This limited information creates a couple of challenges. First, getting an install is a high barrier of entry that most users abandon the process. Even users that follow through with the install is making a decision with limited information. A significant percentage of those users would open the app only once and never return; upon discovering more information about the app. Both of these factors impact the ROI and the ultimate success of the campaign.

Kristina: What kinds of things should mobile marketers focus on?

David: Mobile marketers need to focus on the end user experience as users are very easily discouraged by any obstacles encountered in the ad experience. I've seen a few cases where a brand's ads would take users to an embedded web view with poorly formatted content. The user would have to scroll through the marketing material and reach the bottom of the page, where there's a "Download App" button. The conversion will be terrible if the user has to jump through all these hoops to get to the action.

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