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BizReport : Loyalty Marketing : June 30, 2014

How Insightly uses one-to-one tools to improve reach

Insightly uses a few different strategies for building brand loyalty. For example, 24 hours after a new customer has signed up, they send 'check in' emails to learn if the customer is having issues. These kinds of 'nurture' tactics engage customers with a series of emails and help with onboarding new consumers.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What is a nurture email campaign? And how effective is it?

Lorette Jones, Vice President of Marketing, Insightly: With Insightly's nurturing email campaign, customers receive check-in emails beginning as soon as they sign up to use the customer relationship management (CRM) solution. The emails are casual, friendly and conversational in nature, and they help customers learn more about the product, ask questions and create a dialogue with the brand. Insightly also measures and analyzes how customers are interacting with the emails; if open rates are low and customers aren't responding well to the frequency, we adjust accordingly. This lowers the chances that the customer will become annoyed or move on to another solution. We frequently get responses from customers thanking us for checking in. Additionally, customers take this as an opportunity to ask specific questions, which we then forward to the sales group or support team to address.

Kristina: How have these one-to-one strategies helped Insightly build loyalty?

Loretta: These interactions take place at key touch points and can provide valuable information or serve as a follow-up to a sales contact. These emails can also be customized based on the early ways that your customers interact with the application; localized if your application supports multiple languages; or can contain dynamic content based on a user's industry.

Kristina: How can other SMBs mirror your successes?

Loretta: Small businesses can see significant success from implementing just one of these strategies. Most of these strategies don't require a significant amount of time or effort to execute, particularly once the activity is defined and set up. Analyzing your own company data to identify where the most significant opportunity lies allows you to emphasize the activities that provide the most impact on your customers. It's also important to try and get to know your audience as best you can. This can be a challenge when trying to measure customer interactions on a mass scale, but constant customer interaction and diligent observation of trends goes a long way when you are striving for one-to-one marketing on a mass scale.

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