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BizReport : June 12, 2014 Archive

June 12, 2014 Archive

Mobile Marketing | June 12, 2014

Twilio release brings SMS to 800 numbers

Most businesses still employ 800 numbers so that their distant customers can call without any charges. Cloud-based software hub Twilio is releasing an SMS tool which allows users to text using those toll free numbers. Both existing 800 numbers and new Twilio numbers will be used in the system. >>

Ecommerce | June 12, 2014

Report: 25% of IR500 failing at marketing

A new report out from Wpromote indicates about one-quarter of the Internet Retailer 500 are failing when ti comes to online marketing. Disturbing since these retailers are supposed to be the leaders in the space. >>

Ecommerce | June 12, 2014

Top 5 tips to improve online experiences

To consistently deliver meaningful, relevant customer experiences, brands must understand not only what the shopper is looking for, but what they may have purchased last week and how this purchase will ease their situation. And that is made more difficult because shoppers are using multiple devices during their journeys, making it difficult to anticipate next steps or provide a relevant, personalized experience. >>