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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : May 12, 2014

Top 3 tips to use data better

A couple of years ago the backlash - from some shoppers - against data collection was staggering. Move forward a few years, WiFi is everywhere and most have switched to smartphones and now the outcry against data collection is different. Gone from 'don't do it' to 'give me exactly what I want'.

by Kristina Knight

While the majority of people (62%) are still leery of all their data/personal information being used for marketing purposes nearly half (46%) now report a willingness to part with their data if brands use that information to give shoppers relevant products, services or information. That is the takeaway from a new infographic out from SDL, which also shows 41% are also willing to give up their info for freebies. The infographic is focused on millennials but similar findings have been found in other studies.

The key, of course, is relevance. Shoppers don't seem to mind if their past shopping behaviors or other anonymized data are used as long as the result is a more targeting email, ad or suggestion in an on-site search box.

This leads to the first tip: Earn Customers' Trust. According to SDL brands must do a good job of using data to reach customers about things they want to buy now - not necessarily items that interested them 4 months ago. Added to that, brands should only collect data they can - and will - use.

Second, give to get. The experts at SDL suggest brands should give something back to shoppers whose data is collected. Offer them a personalized experience on their visit, ensure email communications are relevant and targeted. And maybe even include coupons or discounts for shoppers who willingly part with their information.

Finally, don't push. Shoppers are in-market more often than not but they don't want retailers to constantly bombard them with the latest sandal for summer or bag for back to school.

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