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BizReport : Social Marketing : May 09, 2014

Study: Celebs aren't pushing your products even if they're paid to

Thinking of paying a Hollywood actor, NBA or NFL star to hawk your next product launch? Think again. That is the big takeaway from a new study which indicates that, while many brands like to employ celebrities to 'endorse' their products, consumers aren't buying because of those endorsements.

by Kristina Knight

The Science of Sharing 2014 report is out from Unruly and among the key findings: an indication that those big bucks brands shell out to have celebrities in their ads aren't paying off. That money, find the experts from Unruly, is basically wasted. They point to the 2014 SuperBowl and the Bob Dylan/Chrysler commercial - which most consumers (93%) polled didn't realize was a commercial for the car maker at all.

"Brands should save the celebrities for the half-time show. It wasn't famous faces which had people sharing at this year's Super Bowl, it was a cute puppy, a caring soldier and a multi-cultural ad from Coca-Cola that stole the show," said Unruly's US President Richard Kosinski. "Savvy marketers know that strong content is not enough to drive millions of shares, having the right paid online media distribution plan in place is just as important. For brands, it's no longer just about their TV ads being watched on Super Bowl Sunday. With more than 24 million shares tracked every 24 hours, the real opportunity for marketers is to connect their paid TV sponsorship with their paid media online, where their ads can be watched and shared before, during and way after the Big Game."

Some interesting findings from the report include:

• 13% of the all-time most shared ads feature celebrities
• 12% of those who saw the Bob Dylan commercial thought it was a PSA to 'revitalize Detroit'
• The most shared ads from the 2014 Super Bowl featured emotional rather than humorous triggers

And Microsoft, the experts say, could be considered a 'loser' - because their ad featured in the SuperBowl was found to be 'as shareable' as the most-shared ad from the big game, Budweiser's Puppy Love.

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