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BizReport : May 27, 2014 Archive

May 27, 2014 Archive

Internet | May 27, 2014

Eagle Eye launches cloud platform with data

A new release from Eagle Eye Networks may change the way businesses look at surveillance cameras and video. The network is launching a cloud-managed, on demand security/surveillance systems that gives businesses - and developers - more options when it comes to surveillance video. >>

Mobile Marketing | May 27, 2014

Apps in the workplace boost worker productivity

Worker productivity can be boosted by apps, according to new research from Six out of ten British employees now use apps on mobile devices for work-related tasks. >>

Social Marketing | May 27, 2014

Is social media turning users into psychopaths?

Back away from the screen. Spending too much time staring at a screen, whether a PC monitor, tablet or smartphone could be turning you into a psychopath, according to information released by Who Is Hosting This. >>

Social Marketing | May 27, 2014

Pinterest Business Insights API released

Pinterest is making it easier for businesses to know what's working on the image-based social network with the addition of the Business Insights API which will run alongside the free analytics currently on offer. >>

Ecommerce | May 27, 2014

Study: Employees bringing more apps to work

Applications are making it simpler for workers to collaborate, work on projects via mobile devices and to finish projects in a timely manner. But, according to a new study about seven times more apps are being brought into businesses - and those apps may be putting business data at risk. >>

Ecommerce | May 27, 2014

Study: US consumer spending passes $10 trillion

For the first time, US consumer spending is pushing past the $10 trillion mark; this as one study indicates more consumers are spending on themselves rather than saving or paying down debt. >>