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BizReport : May 9, 2014 Archive

May 9, 2014 Archive

Social Marketing | May 09, 2014

Study: Celebs aren't pushing your products even if they're paid to

Thinking of paying a Hollywood actor, NBA or NFL star to hawk your next product launch? Think again. That is the big takeaway from a new study which indicates that, while many brands like to employ celebrities to 'endorse' their products, consumers aren't buying because of those endorsements. >>

Blogs & Content | May 09, 2014

Consumers want original content direct from brands, not celebrities

Consumers don't want to see celebrities parading products. Instead, they want original content directly from the brands themselves, according to the results of a new survey from SaaS content management platform WP Engine. >>

Ecommerce | May 09, 2014

Survey reveals scale, scope of shoppers' demand for mobile marketing

Today's digital shoppers are more open to receiving mobile marketing messages and promotions on their devices than ever before, according to new research in the UK from retail and shopper marketing agency, Savvy Marketing. >>

Ecommerce | May 09, 2014

Digital interactions will influence 50% of in-store sales by year end

If retailers needed any more proof that digital is having a significant effect on in-store shopping behavior then perhaps the latest study from Deloitte will finally get the message across. >>

Advertising | May 09, 2014

Using celebrities won't guarantee your ads go viral

What do the four most-shared Super Bowl ads have in common? None of them contain a celebrity. Instead the most-shared ads were those that promoted emotional responses from the audience. >>