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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : April 01, 2014

Top 3 tips to improve video ad engagement

Most brands are playing in the online video space, either in creating unique branded content or in sponsoring content through ads. One expert explains how brands can improve the time viewers are spending with video ads.

by Kristina Knight

According to data out from comScore more than three-quarters of US adults watched online video clips last month. Of the 48.7 billion clips served more than 25 billion were ads. Given that so many people are watching video clips and that so many brands are already in the space, how can anyone stand out?

First, make it engaging.

"The first step here is drawing users to the website with engaging, exclusive content. For example, we leverage exclusive video interviews for attract visitors to the site and keep them there," said Brad Mandell, CEO, Bluefin Media.

Second, promote internally. All of the best content should be promoted internally so that it is simple for viewers to find unique content.

"There is only so much real estate on a page, and you can't expect a user to complete 4-5 clicks to find what their looking for. Create internal banners to promote the best content you have across all pages of your site," said Mandell.

Third, make all the content count - and make it good. Stick with premium content rather than throwing up not-ready-for-primetime content just to have something new.

"Do not have content on your site just for the sake of having content. If you have premium content mixed in with a bunch of garbage users will block all of it out, and your site produce a negative impression. Never sacrifice the quality of your content to have mass volume," said Mandell.

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