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BizReport : Advertising : March 18, 2014

Top 3 tips to better use real-time data to engage shoppers

It's hard to get true real-time data into advertisers' hands because by the time the data has been collected and sent over, it's no longer considered "new". Purchase intent is fleeting - when consumers post a specific want or need, they want or need it right now. This is why, according to one expert, advertisers and brands need to turn to predictive behavior data - identifying and connecting with consumers prior to their purchase decision to increase brand awareness and chance for conversion.

by Kristina Knight

"When brands see how consumers react to events such as the Oscars, it's important to use that data/insight right away. For example, if you run a retail company whose apparel is similar to the most talked about fashions of the night, the marketing team should take advantage of the timeliness and virality of the event and immediately include relevant hashtags, images, keywords, etc. to their outreach. This also goes for cosmetic or beauty companies - take advantage of the most talked about celebrities and highlight their beauty secrets when promoting your brand or product," said Jeff Revoy, CEO, ViralHeat.

How can brands better use real-time and purchase behavior to engage shoppers?

First, use hashtags - these searchable tags are used by all the majori social networks and make it easy for consumers to find information about products, events and different types of programming or information.

Second, track keywords and keyword use to determine which keywords are pushing sales.

"Time is money, especially in a space that moves as quickly as social media. The longer you hesitate, the more time you give your competitor to reach your potential customers. Social media tools like Viralheat allow you to track your keywords (or even competitors) and even identify which mentions have purchase intent so you can reach out to prospects as soon as they indicate their desire to buy," said Revoy.

Third, use predictive analysis rather than straight 'real time' data.

"'Real time' is often too late when looking at social data. If you want to increase your conversion rate and find qualified potential leads, don't look at what people want "right now" - look at what people will need in the future (tomorrow, next week, next month). Consumers are constantly counting down to major life events (moving day, wedding day, graduation day, etc.) so you can set up targeted campaigns or directly reach out and offer information on a product or service that they will definitely need. Either beat your competitor to the punch or accept that you were a few minutes too late," said Revoy.

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