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BizReport : Internet : March 17, 2014

SMBs: How to know your business is safe online

While there is no way to ensure a business is 100% protected online, there are steps to take that will improve online security. There are basic protections including anti-malware software, updated operating systems, firewalls, and strong passwords. But, security is also a journey and not a final destination point. How can SMBs know if their business is on the right track?

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: How can SMBs determine if their business is protected or at risk?

William Pelgrin, President & CEO, Center for Internet Security: The volume and complexity of cyber security challenges facing us will continue to increase. Cyber security is all about layers of defense. Ensuring that those layers--such as patch management, access controls and training--are in place will help diminish the risks.

Performing regular scans of systems and webpages will help identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Organizations should run automated vulnerability scanning tools against all systems on their networks on a weekly or more frequent basis. Any vulnerability identified should be remediated in a timely manner.

Also, it's important to understand what security controls are in place with any third party providers you have.

Kristina: What advice do you have to help SMBs increase cyber safety preparedness?

William: Designate a principal individual responsible for cyber security and make sure this individual can provide you with answers to these questions:
• How are we protecting our cyber infrastructure and customer data?
• What policies and procedures are in place for physically protecting our equipment from unauthorized access, loss or theft?
• What is our plan for responding to a cyber security incident?
• What cyber security policies are in place? Is staff trained on those policies?

Later this week, CISecurity's top 4 tips to increase online protection.