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BizReport : March 25, 2014 Archive

March 25, 2014 Archive

Blogs & Content | March 25, 2014

BrightEdge release simplifies content creation

More people are looking online for content - from entertainment to product reviews and branded content pieces. A new release from BrightEdge, called Content Optimizer, offers an assist in the content department, helping creators to determine the impact of a piece prior to release. Content Optimizer was created for the Adobe Experience Manager. >>

Advertising | March 25, 2014

Experience, information key to new releases

Three new releases to the ecommerce space underline the importance of customer experience as well as the information customers search for online. >>

Trends & Ideas | March 25, 2014

Wearable tech users consider themselves early adopters

It's being seen as a natural progression in the mobile world - from carrying around a smartphone to actually wearing the technology. New research from Nielsen reveals that self-professed early adopters are leading the way in the trend for wearable tech. >>

Email Marketing | March 25, 2014

TrackMaven bemoans the stagnant state of email

According to new research from marketing analytics firm TrackMaven, the state of email is stagnant with marketers sticking to the same old benchmarks time and time again. >>

Mobile Marketing | March 25, 2014

Mobile tops list of items travelers least want to forget when packing for a trip

Everyone has that one item that they least want to forget when packing for a trip. What that item is may depend on where you come from, according to new research from online travel agency Agoda. >>

Mobile Marketing | March 25, 2014

Reports: Mobile device use increasing in France

More French consumers are looking to the mobile web, and not just for shopping ease. That is the takeaway from a new report out from the International Data Corporation which shows France's online base is increasingly turning to tablets and smartphones to connect. >>