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BizReport : February 18, 2014 Archive

February 18, 2014 Archive

Trends & Ideas | February 18, 2014

Google releases tips on Google Glass etiquette

Recent research has revealed that many have concerns surrounding the use of Google Glass, not just about their own use but of how others use the wearable technology. To educate Google Glass Explorers on etiquette, Google has just released a list of do's and don'ts. >>

Advertising | February 18, 2014

Marchex: SMBs lose half-billion to spam calls

The Do Not Call Registry may be helping consumers control who calls them and for what reasons, but where businesses are concerned, especially SMBs, adver-calls - or SPAM calls - are on the rise. And cutting into the revenue lines, too, according to new data out from Marchex. >>

Social Marketing | February 18, 2014

Expert: What social really means for ecommerce

2014 may be the year social commerce comes into its own. But whether or not that 'coming into its own' happens is up to the retailers, themselves. According to one expert, whether or not social commerce steps up in 2014 is up to retailers and their marketing strategies. >>

Advertising | February 18, 2014

Case study shows personalized retargeting pushes ecommerce conversions

Wondering what will work to re-engage shopping cart abandoners? A new case study out from RTB House and QUELLE may help. Their data indicates that personalized retargeting is the key to engagement with shoppers who have begun but not completed a purchase online. >>

Mobile Marketing | February 18, 2014

Top 3 tips to improve mobile conversions

Consumers are moving into the mobile space at record-breaking speeds. And whether they are reading the morning paper, watching last night's television programming or buying a new pair of shoes, brands are looking for more ways to engage. >>

Ecommerce | February 18, 2014

Lack of website optimization for mobile losing UK SMEs billions in revenue

New research in the UK reveals that mobile-optimized websites among SMEs are rare and this means billions in annual revenue is not being realized. >>

Ecommerce | February 18, 2014

Abandoned online shopping carts an opportunity to re-engage

An abandoned online shopping cart isn't a bad thing, according to Cloud.IQ. Rather than being a lost sale it's actually an invitation to re-engage and an opportunity to boost sales. >>

Ecommerce | February 18, 2014

Few online shoppers in UK intend to use Bitcoin in future

Is Bitcoin the future of money? According to research undertaken by Clarity Communications in the UK, it's certainly not on the mainstream horizon yet. >>