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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : January 20, 2014

How brands will tap into the emotional center on Super Bowl Sunday

Just a couple of weeks until the Super Bowl and that has consumers - and brands - wondering how they'll top year's past. Funny ads are as much a part of the Super Bowl as touchdowns and corn chips. But last year the most successful brands were the ones which didn't try to be funny.

by Kristina Knight

So, how will marketers tap into consumers' emotional center?

First, they'll look to what is happening real-time says one expert.

"Despite the millions spent on securing ad spots during last year's Super Bowl, no brand showed more fancy footwork than Oreo. When a power outage during the third quarter caused some of the lights to go out, the cookie brand tweeted out a picture of a dimly-lit Oreo and a caption which read "Power Out? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark." It was a brilliant piece of agile marketing that no doubt many other brands will try to replicate this year," said Devra Pyrwes, Vice President of Marketing and Insight, US, with Unruly.

Pyrwes also suggests brands that tap into winter weather could fare better than brands who ignore the weather, especially as this is the first open-air stadium in a 'cold weather' city in which the Super Bowl will be played.

"With the recent Polar Vortex that hit the US and snow forecast for Super Bowl Sunday, we think it is very likely that the weather will play a key role in this year's content. This could either be the ads or brands' "off the cuff" social interactions as they join the live online conversation during the Super Bowl," said Pyrwes. "Brands need to brave the elements. It's what makes this Super Bowl unique and stand out from any other Super Bowl in the past."

Finally, brands need to tap into exhilaration. According to Dr. Karen Nelson-Field, author of Viral Marketing: The Science of Sharing, exhilaration is the emotion most likely to increase message recall (65%).

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