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BizReport : January 23, 2014 Archive

January 23, 2014 Archive

Advertising | January 23, 2014

How to bring Super Bowl conversations online

One question on many brands' minds for the next 10 days: how to make the most of Super Bowl Advertising. One expert advises brands to bring the Super Bowl conversation online, but how do we do that? >>

Research | January 23, 2014

Report: Multi-tasking is bad for business

Multi-tasking means you can get more done in less time, right? Actually, not according to new research. According to some experts multi-tasking actually slows down task progress and can lead to more errors because of the distractions of working on several projects at once. >>

Mobile Marketing | January 23, 2014

Home screens a hot spot for mobile

A new infographic out from Mobile Posse underlines the importance of the home screen for mobile brands. According to their data a 1X1 inch square of the mobile home screen could be worth up to $16 billion - and many brands are rushing to grab their square. >>