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BizReport : January 15, 2014 Archive

January 15, 2014 Archive

Mobile Marketing | January 15, 2014

Report: Nearly $16 billion in m:commerce lost over 2013 holidays

The 2013 holiday season has been written down as a success for most etailers and brands. According to comScore the total online spend surpassed $46 billion; the National Retail Federation lists the overall spend at just over $601 billion. But, according to Jumio data, about $16 billion was left behind - at mobile counters. >>

Ecommerce | January 15, 2014

Manta: 72% of SMBs are 'flourishing'

2013 turns out to have been a strong year for small businesses according to a new SMB survey from Manta. According to the data 72% of SMBs say their business flourished in 2013 while more than three-quarters (83%) believe 2014 will be even better. >>

Advertising | January 15, 2014

Janrain: Mistargeted ads pushing more shoppers away from brands

It's no secret that targeting can miss the mark at times. But, a new study out from Janrain and Blue Research puts a disturbing spotlight on what can happen when ads are mistargeted - namely that some consumers will push away from the brand itself. >>

Research | January 15, 2014

Study: Shoppers leave 99% of products on shelves

A new study indicates shoppers are ignoring up to 99% of the products on grocery store shelves. The data, culled from a study of more than 32 million Americans, found that most are buying about 1% of the items on grocer's shelves. >>

Advertising | January 15, 2014

Toyota unveils mobile ads that really speak to their audience

When developing ads, whether in traditional media, digital or mobile, you really want them to speak to your target audience. New mobile ads for the Toyota Corolla really do speak to you, with voice-activated technology. >>

Mobile Marketing | January 15, 2014

Mobile app development not a route to riches

A new study from Gartner reveals that the vast majority of mobile apps are developed for brand-building and awareness purposes which is just as well because very few will generate revenue for their developers. >>