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BizReport : Email Marketing : December 20, 2013

Brands: Why you should consider one more email

There are a few unwritten rules in email advertising - messages should only be sent at certain times or on certain days and messaging should only send a certain of messages each month. New data out from Alchemy Worx indicates those unwritten rules may be damaging to brands' revenue.

by Kristina Knight

According to the new report, sending just one more message each month could increase email open rates by 38% and may deliver up to $2.9 million in additional revenue. And contrary to popular belief, adding an email to the rotation isn't likely to make list members hit the unsubscribe button. Other interesting findings include:

• Sending one more email could push 175,000 more clicks
• Sending one more email to a list of 1 million could result in $2 million in additional revenue
• Sending one more email to a list of 1 million could result in a cost of $29,000 (from unsubscribers)

That potential cost, compared with the potential revenue gain, is negligible.

"The very idea of sending more emails to consumers may feel wrong to many marketers, but our data shows that by increasing the frequency of communication brands can not only increase the number of opens and clicks, but most importantly the revenue generated from email. This is not to say that brands should immediately start sending twice as many emails from tomorrow, but with a strategy to increase the number of emails over time a business can see real success," said Dela Quist, Founder and CEO of Alchemy Worx.

That isn't to say brands should ignore that initial, welcome email which told list members when to expect messaging. Instead, consider changing the email strategy - when are messages sent, how often and how are list members responding? From there, look at the data from Alchemy Worx to determine if additional messaging may be productive.

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