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BizReport : December 11, 2013 Archive

December 11, 2013 Archive

Advertising | December 11, 2013

Reports show personalization impacts brand advertising

Two new reports, one focused on digital ads and another on the social space, underline the importance of a personal touch in the online space. >>

Advertising | December 11, 2013

Why brands should mine holiday data for new year performance

In the middle of the 2013 holiday rush, most retailers and marketers are focused on campaign performance and getting shoppers in the door. But, in the middle of the rush, brands need to also be thinking of the New Year - and how performance over the holidays might impact 2014's bottom line. >>

Mobile Marketing | December 11, 2013

Study: Mobiles don't want to be interrupted

In many ways mobile devices are giving brands and marketers more opportunities to connect - and stay connected with - consumers. But, new data indicates interrupting people when they are using their mobiles is a turn-off. And that turn-off may impact how the consumer views those who interrupt. >>

Mobile Marketing | December 11, 2013

Olfactory device for mobile phones not to be sniffed at

The world's first mobile game that involves not just the eyes, ears and thumbs has been launched. Popcorn brand Pop Secret Popcorn invite you to play with your nose, too. >>

Ecommerce | December 11, 2013

Report reveals impact of slow load times on brand perception

Brand perception is based on far more than a flashy logo or a smart marketing strategy, according to a pioneering neuroscientific study into the behavior and perceptions of mobile shoppers. Page load time also plays an important role in defining a consumer's brand perception. >>

Trends & Ideas | December 11, 2013

Print catalogs continue to drive sales in Australia

Print media may be being overtaken by digital, but the printed catalog continues to play an important role in the purchase process, according to new figures released by the Australian Catalogue Association. >>