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BizReport : December 10, 2013 Archive

December 10, 2013 Archive

Ecommerce | December 10, 2013

Study: Shoppers more focused on the end-game

When it comes to shopping, more consumers are spending less time in the store. That isn't necessarily a bad thing. New data out from Euclid shows that the focus of most shoppers is now getting the product on their list, rather than window shopping. >>

Search Marketing | December 10, 2013

Adchemy release pulls keywords from branded content

This week, Adchemy pushes a new product out to the marketing public, powering daily reports, intuitive campaign controls and budget management features. Perhaps the most interesting piece of the new release, though, is that with it brands can build keyword search campaigns from existing search data. >>

Ecommerce | December 10, 2013

RocketLawyer: SMBs looking forward to 2014

In the second half of 2013 a majority of small businesses saw revenues climb according to new data out from RocketLawyer; their survey also finds that most SMBs believe 2014 will be even better. >>

Blogs & Content | December 10, 2013

Survey: Marketers facing disconnect with content creation

It's no secret that content is one key to engaging consumers. According to a new TrapIt survey most (82%) of marketers believe content, specifically visual content, is the key to engaging shoppers, but many also admit it is harder to connect with consumers because of the dearth of content out there currently. >>

Mobile Marketing | December 10, 2013

Nearly half of consumers believe mobile marketing messages are irrelevant, useless

New research among consumers into mobile marketing communications has revealed that they are not as relevant and useful as brands and retailers might think. >>

Trends & Ideas | December 10, 2013

Bazaarvoice points the way to authentic reviews

New research from Bazaarvoice reveals that concerns exist among consumers that not all reviews they read are authentic, which is why the company has launched an Authentic Reviews Trust Mark. >>