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BizReport : December 9, 2013 Archive

December 9, 2013 Archive

Email Marketing | December 09, 2013

Top 3 design tips for mobile email

Everyone is talking about responsive design but even without responsive templates or any technical expertise, marketers can design their emails to be easily consumed on mobile devices. There are one-column templates, increased font sizes, lessening the amount of text and simplifying the overall layout. >>

Ecommerce | December 09, 2013

Cyber Monday: Hottest ever revenue day

The hottest day in online shopping history - at least so far - is Cyber Monday of 2013. According to data out from comScore online shoppers spent to the tune of nearly $2 billion on December 2, a 34% increase over the full Thanksgiving weekend spend. >>

Blogs & Content | December 09, 2013

Long? Short? Which headline length generates the most click-throughs?

Headlines should be eye-catching and well-crafted to lure in readers. While there are many aspects to headline writing that contribute to its success, content discovery platform Outbrain has used click-through data to ascertain specifically whether the length of a headline can affect content marketing success. >>

Mobile Marketing | December 09, 2013

comScore: U.S. smartphone ownership reaches all-time high

New comScore data reveals that while Apple remains the top smartphone manufacturer, Android leads as the top smartphone platform in the U.S. where smartphone ownership levels are at an all-time high. >>

Ecommerce | December 09, 2013

UK retail websites struggled to cope with Cyber Monday traffic peaks

Some of the UK's top retailers struggled to maintain website performance during peak web traffic times on the country's biggest online shopping day of the year, according live website performance data from Borland. >>