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BizReport : Advertising archives : November 12, 2013

Top tips for brands considering cause marketing

When many businesses consider cause marketing they look at how their customers can become involved. But there is a growing trend toward employee advocacy in the cause space as brands see how their employees like to get involved to push the message further.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What are some successful approaches you've seen for brands to promote social good initiatives and raise awareness for a cause?

Russ Fradin, CEO & Co-Founder, Dynamic Signal: Social media's characteristics of authenticity and personal connection naturally lends itself to effectively unpacking the story of a brand's social good program. However, just sharing social good content on corporate social accounts is not nearly as impactful as having all of a brand's employees tweeting and posting about the program on their own social channels. Leveraging an Employee Advocacy program amplifies a social good program, increasing the reach and engagement of the message.

Kristina: How important is employee advocacy becoming for brand's social good programs?

Russ: Employee advocacy is where you really start to see great results. Employees and volunteers of the organization get to talk about their personal participation in the programs and share details about the real impact they see the program making. The message is more authentic coming from people who work for the brand. Then the message is amplified far beyond what the brand could do alone, no matter how many posts per day that brand could share. It's the number of advocates that drive action, not the number of messages or posts. The end result is helping social good programs garner more media attention, attract more donations and recruit more support.

Kristina: How can employee advocacy help promote social good initiatives?

Russ: Everyone knows that employees are a company's best brand advocates. This is no different when promoting social good programs. An Employee Advocacy program makes it easy for employees to be brand ambassadors who create and share social good content over mobile, social and web. It lets employees share news, program milestones, upcoming fundraising events and personal stories to drive reach, engagement and contributions.

Kristina: What are your top three tips for brands starting advocacy programs?

Russ: Starting an effective employee advocacy program to empower your employees to help promote social good initiatives is easy.

First, you will need to curate content on the social good program for employees to share. What's even better is when you give them the ability to suggest content to share as well, reducing the time to generate content while multiplying the amount of fresh content available to share.

Next, let employees know when new content is available to share. Emails are great but in today's Bring Your Own Device World (BYOD) mobile push notifications are even better. Then your employees share the curated content you have pushed to them resulting in increased reach, shares and impressions.

Lastly you will want the ability to measure the impact of both the employee advocacy and social good program by keeping track of clicks, shares, impressions and conversions.

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