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BizReport : Social Marketing : November 25, 2013

Top 3 tips to create better Instagram ads

As more people become familiar with social media ads - and also begin tuning them out - businesses are pushing to catch up and create a better customer experience with the ads served. But, there can be backlash if brands are too 'campaigny' with social media ads - or worse, have no strategy to go along with the campaign.

by Kristina Knight

"A user's state of mind is different when checking social networks as they interact with each platform (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn). It is up to advertisers to understand these differences in a user's mind set, and play up the strategies that can work best for them. It takes a unique approach when a previously unadvertised medium like Instagram begins to roll out ads for the first time. Users are often negative at the start, so creativity is the key," said Guillaume Lelait, North America VP at Fetch.

Lelait's top three tips?

First, make ads that blend with your brand's Instagram profile so that the user experience is consistent. For example, make sure the content of the ads you serve is similar to the content you share that is not ad-related.

Second, have an objective for the campaign - impressions, comments, followers. But, while the strategy should definitely apply to your followers, ensure that the ad/campaign is also engaging to social media users who aren't following you yet.

"Instagram ads will be displayed to users that are not necessarily following particular brands. For this reason, brands should think about messaging and content that will to appeal to users and potentially drive engagement," said Lelait. "These new ads will provide an opportunity for brands to test and learn strategies that work most effectively including campaign ideas, images/videos and call-to-actions. Offering followers exclusive deals and discounts that they can either redeem online or in store would be an engaging and effective way to gain followers and make loyalists feel as if they are a part of the brands 'inner circle'."

Finally, make hashtags part of the strategy because hashtags make it simple for social media users to find more content that they like. It can also help brands categorize their ads/sponsored content, giving the campaign a voice after the official run is over.

"A great example of a brand already taking advantage of hashtags ,is fashion brand Marc Jacobs. During the holidays, they ask instagram followers to share their family moments by using the hashtag #marcfam. They then take the campaign one step further by aggregating the images tagged and re-allocating them to the official Marc Jacobs blog, allowing followers to feel as if they are an active participant in the brand's identity," said Lelait.

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