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BizReport : November 18, 2013 Archive

November 18, 2013 Archive

Ecommerce | November 18, 2013

Study: Retailers may make bank on toys

This holiday season, look for toys to make the difference for many retailers. At least for retailers of the discount variety. According to new data out from Harris Poll about half of holiday shoppers will be buying toys over the holiday season but only one-third will purchase online. Most will be buying in-store, it seems. >>

Ecommerce | November 18, 2013

Bronto: Retailers need to know shoppers device preferences

There has been a lot written about responsive design over the past year as retailers look for ways to ensure shoppers can not only 'see' messaging and product placements but that each shopper is getting a personalized experience. But, new data out from Bronto indicates responsive design elements many not be the cure-all many retailers believe. >>

Advertising | November 18, 2013

AudienceScience: Bulk of ad budgets wasted

Half of Eurpoean advertisers say they'll invest more in digital ad efforts over the next year, a solid sign for the online space. But, according to new data out from AudienceScience, 40% also say they aren't sure about the ROI of their online efforts. About one-third (35%) say they have 'proven ROI' from their online efforts. >>

Mobile Marketing | November 18, 2013

320% rise in number of youths accessing entertainment, lifestyle website via tablet

How are today's youngsters accessing their favorite entertainment and lifestyle websites? According to new research from independent digital sales house w00t! Media, Apple is the tech of choice and a large percentage are using their smartphones and tablets to access online content. >>

Social Marketing | November 18, 2013

Social media used by recruiters to both find and reject candidates

A recent survey by recruitment firm reveals that social media is being used extensively by some recruiters to both find and reject suitable candidates. >>