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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : October 22, 2013

How to better personalize for mobile

Brands know they want to be in mobile but are cautious because they don't know how ad effectiveness will be measured. How can sales be attributed to mobile advertising, particularly for CPG brands where the purchases take place in-store?

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What problem does the BuyerVision Mobile platform answer for mobile brands?

Natanya Ray, Director of Product Marketing - Digital, Catalina Marketing: Catalina's BuyerVision Mobile [allows] CPG brands to deliver personalized mobile advertising to up to 70 million households and measure the impact of that advertising directly on in-store sales. With BuyerVision Mobile, Catalina provides the only scaled, CPG-specific mobile media platform.

Kristina: Personalization has been shown to be incredibly important for retailers, but what about CPG? Does personalization make a strong impact when done right?

Natanya: Absolutely. Demographic targeting has a lot of waste, and personalization (done right) is the future for CPG brands. Using demographic targeting, brands waste 30% of impressions on shoppers who do not buy in the product category. For CPG brands, there is no better indicator of future purchase intent than past-purchase behavior. In fact, Catalina found that the traditional demographic target of women 25-54 reaches an average of only 47% of brand buyers.

Kristina: What are the keys to personalization in the CPG vertical?

Natanya: The key to relevance in the CPG vertical is in knowing your audience and targeting those who can help address a brand's specific need. To put it in perspective, Catalina has found that 80% of the average brand's volume is purchased by only 2% of shoppers. Mobile advertising will be much more effective if the media is focused on those who will drive your brand more significantly.

In addition, it is important to personalize your message according to the specific brand buyers you are targeting. For example, it is possible to target the most loyal brand buyers with a brand equity message to reinforce a brand's value, while targeting brand switchers with a competitive message to influence their next brand purchases. It is also possible to target the heaviest category buyers for a new product launch as Catalina's shopper research has found that the heaviest category buyers are 5 times more valuable to a new product launch than the average shopper.

Kristina: How does Catalina answer the cookie problem in the mobile space?

Natanya: For BuyerVision Mobile, Catalina has partnered with 4INFO to anonymously connect mobile devices and shopper histories in a double-blind and privacy compliant manner. This combined with in-store measurement unlocks mobile as a highly effective advertising channel for CPG.

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