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BizReport : Email Marketing : October 21, 2013

Debunking the top 3 email myths

Email has been around for more than 20 years now and there are plenty of 'rules' about how to get more from an email message. But a new report out from Alchemy Worx identifies a few of these 'rules' as mere myths.

by Kristina Knight

Rules abound about how to create a strong email campaign. Rules like there are too many messages landing in inboxes, so avoid email or (another favorite) bad subject lines can push emails into spam folders. Alchemy Worx has identified several of these myths and is debunking them.

First: There is a right time to send an email. The truth? Not necessarily. According to many experts, emails should send emails at certain times on certain days, but according to new data out from Alchemy Worx about three-quarters of email opens happen within the first 2 days a message is sent. But, 4 in 5 purchases happen after the second day of a campaign and one-third (32%) of purchases occur up to 2 weeks after a customer receives an email.

Second: Customers are spam-happy and will hit that button at will. Not so much. According to ReturnPath fewer than 1 subscriber in 2000 will hit the 'spam' button. One more spam-fact, according to Alchemy Worx found that those keywords 'guaranteed' to land an email in the spam folder...don't.

"Alchemy Worx analyzed data from eData Source of more than 200 clients and 540 billion sent emails, which shows that keywords often thought to ensure an email will end up in the junk folder actually have little or no effect. In fact, whether an email ends up in a junk folder is more complicated than that, with the main reason being reputation. This is generally based on what information the mail filter or receiving ISP can gather about the sending habits of your IP address, rather than the contents of its subject line," writes the company.

Third: sending additional messages means customers will ignore you. Not necessarily. While brands should stick to the rules they set up with their email program - emailing once per week, etc. - data from Alchemy suggests that when brands increase the number of email messages their revenue also increases.

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