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BizReport : October 22, 2013 Archive

October 22, 2013 Archive

Advertising | October 22, 2013

Report: B2B message delivery, alignment needs work

New data out today from Corporate Visions and Aberdeen Group indicates a gap between the creation of ads for many business to business (B2B) brands and how those messages are delivered and aligned. >>

Mobile Marketing | October 22, 2013

How to better personalize for mobile

Brands know they want to be in mobile but are cautious because they don't know how ad effectiveness will be measured. How can sales be attributed to mobile advertising, particularly for CPG brands where the purchases take place in-store? >>

Ecommerce | October 22, 2013

How shoppers will spend during the holidays

Data out this week from sheds light on how many shoppers will spend during the upcoming holiday season - one of the more interesting takeaways is that more than half will make a holiday game plan including gifting lists and budgets to help them control spending. Other interesting findings include: >>

Ecommerce | October 22, 2013

High income households browsing dollar store aisles

New research from Mintel reveals that it's not just low-income households that frequent dollar stores. Their survey of Americans across the income spectrum shows that even those in the highest income brackets can be found browsing dollar store aisles. >>

Mobile Marketing | October 22, 2013

Mobile, not TV, considered 'first screen' among half of 18-34 age group

New research has revealed that, among younger demographics, the television is taking a back seat to mobile. M-commerce platform Weve reveals that almost half of younger mobile users now consider the smaller of the two screens to be their 'first screen'. >>

Mobile Marketing | October 22, 2013

Asia home to countries with highest percentage of mobile native consumers

New survey findings reveal that Asia is home to the countries that have the highest percentage of consumers that interact with businesses daily via a mobile device. >>

Social Marketing | October 22, 2013

Social media adds to stresses of new University students

It's an exciting but stressful time for millions of 18 year olds - heading off to study at University. However, today's students don't just stress about where they will live, how they will pay their bills or if they will make good friends. The 21st century student has to concern themselves with making sure their online image is ready for University, too. >>