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BizReport : October 18, 2013 Archive

October 18, 2013 Archive

Ecommerce | October 18, 2013

Retailers must enhance in-store experience and embrace free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi can be used to enhance the in-store experience for mobile users and, according to new research released by digital marketing agency Acquity Group, consumers feel more confident making big purchases when in-store Wi-Fi is available. >>

Advertising | October 18, 2013

Report: Connected TV ads up 27%

New data out from Videology Group shows an increasing interest in video - both online and via connected devices and televisions. Here's how the numbers shake down: >>

Ecommerce | October 18, 2013

Top tips for brands looking at international expansion

Building your company on foreign territory is like starting your company from scratch again, and it takes time but not always tons of money. One expert offers advice on how brands can proceed with caution but still make a strong push into the international space. >>

Mobile Marketing | October 18, 2013

Over 40% of YouTube traffic comes from mobile

The video website behemoth that is YouTube is now getting a significant percentage of traffic from people viewing content via mobile, according to new figures just released by Google. >>

Advertising | October 18, 2013

Would you pay an extra 12 cents for a 1750% increase in ROI?

Often when Android and iOS go up against each other the results are contestable but new figures released by media buying firm Nanigans reveal a disparity that's hard to ignore. >>